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Essential CRM

Access Information Management System

IEG has been providing Loyalty Program systems to the airline and airport sector for more than a decade. We know the pressures and challenges the industry faces and we’ve continued to provide innovative solutions to drive down costs while extending and enhancing service delivery.

AIMS™ is IEG’s proven solution to gaining greater insight into the performance of your Loyalty Program and Lounge network and allows greater insight into the behavior of your key strategic assets: your clients!

The AIMS solution was built for and with international carriers, global loyalty program providers, airport authorities and independent operators.

For Carriers

AIMS™ automates the process of controlling access to and billing for your VIP Lounge network.

Cut down on invalid access, free up key staff and deploy resources more intelligently based on the insights into usage and client behavior that AIMS provides.

AIMS™ was designed in partnership with global carriers so we know how central your Loyalty Program’s performance is to increasing and retaining premium passengers.

ieg-private-loungeFor Global Loyalty Program Providers

Third party lounge access providers can now rest easy knowing that AIMS™ is on-site to not only record passenger entries, but to ensure accurate billing is carried out.

The peace of mind of knowing customers are being processed properly and effectively creates an environment where less resources are wasted trying to reconcile passengers every billing cycle.

For Airports

Airport authorities and municipalities are constantly striving to add value to their infrastructure and services. AIMS™ will permit integration with carriers’ and ground systems for accurate usage and billing information exchange.

Seamlessly connect with carrier partners and other local service providers to offer walk-up lounge access to paying clients or in tandem with local promotions and events. AIMS™ offers the flexibility to quickly adapt to new initiatives and give detailed reporting on their success.

For Independent Operators

The outsourcing model for added value services is growing in popularity. Independent Loyalty Program and VIP Lounge Operators can derive significant benefits from AIMS.

AIMS™ permits automatic reconciliation of shared resource billing and real time insights into how facilities are being utilised. It enables rapid, tactical campaigns with co-branding partnerships (hotels, auto rental, financial services etc.) and delivers deep insights into facility performance.

Features Summary

  • Eliminate unauthorized access
  • Enable ‘Self Service’ Lounge access with secure validation
  • Audit and report usage activity
  • Automate reconciliation and billing with complex business rules
  • Offer, ‘pay-per-access’
  • Enhance Your Membership Programs
  • Centralize Data Management
  • Lower IT Overhead
  • Grow your Client Base
  • Increase Client Retention


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8
Software: SQL 2008.
Supports Microsoft Office suite of products.

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