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Self Service Kiosks

Dir-e-Access: A touch-screen kiosk offering automated Directory Services and access control.

Clients, and partners visiting your facilities now have fast and easy access to employee information such as; names, phone extensions, department locations and much more.

Provided with a touch-screen interface and modules supporting swipe or smart cards, bar coding and video surveillance, the Dir-e-Access kiosk can be linked with existing phone or directory systems permitting secure access and contact information to clients, partners and personnel.

Discover who is visiting your facility, when and for how long. Determine locations of people in case of accident or emergency. Ensure your clients and partners know exactly where you need them to be.

Dir-e-Access can be controlled and updated remotely from multiple locations (with appropriate security permissions) for easy system administration or information updates.

Features Summary

  • Provides clients and partners with instant access to your facilities directory information.
  • User-friendly, menu driven interface with built-in microphone requiring no manual intervention.
  • Immediate visitor assistance available at every step.
  • Update employee contact information such as office extensions, pager numbers, cell phone numbers as well as secretarial and assistance numbers.
  • Update banner greeting messages for welcoming visitors.
  • Generate detailed guest book logins.
  • Password protection of company directory data.
  • Visitor registration (sign-in) prior to admittance.
  • Visitor sign-out when visit is complete.
  • On-screen keyboard for quick search.
  • Data-entry capabilities for fast access to directory information.
  • Easy to read directory information screen.
  • Multiple auto call transferring (multiple employee extensions, pager, cell phone, with automatic assistance if person is unavailable).
  • Multiple search capability (user can search by the employee extension, name, department or by company).
  • On-screen display for immediate auto dialing.
  • Integrated visitor safety procedures and security information.
  • Eliminates any hidden labour cost in a manufacturing installation through accurate employee time reporting.
  • Enhance the productivity of your reception staff.


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Software: SQL 2008.
Supports Microsoft Office suite of products.

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