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Automated Speed Enforcement Slows Down Drivers in Work Zones

Transportation Research Board More than 7,000 crashes occur annually in highway work zones in Illinois, causing approximately 2,000 injuries. The number of work zone fatalities in the state reached a peak of 44, including 5 workers, in 2003. Speeding is one of the most important contributors, affecting the frequency and severity of work zone crashes. In 2004 the Illinois Department of Transportation deployed two self-contained vans to implement a legislatively mandated speed-radar photo enforcement (SPE) program in work zones on highways. The speeds of vehicles approaching the SPE vans are monitored with two radar systems: down-the-road radar and across the-road radar. The speed...
Opp Ontario Provincial Police Radar Speed Trap

Local Police Board solicits Province to restart photo radar

Madhunt.com By now, municipalities across the province, their police departments and boards, will have received a request from the Nottawasaga Police Services Board to support its call for the Ontario government "to reinstitute the photo radar program for the provincially regulated Police Services Boards to manage and use at their discretion."This morning, Simcoe County's Performance Management Committee received it for information. It has yet to show up on New Tecumseth council's agenda. In 1994, Ontario's NDP government introduced photo radar use provincial highways, which photographed license plates of speeders, then followed that up with tickets issued through the mail. The Mike...
Red Light Camera

Bring on Red Light Cameras!

Wheels.com The city of Toronto could generate more than $2-million in revenue if it increased the effectiveness of its red light camera program, according to the auditor general. The red light camera project was initiated in 1998 as a pilot program “aimed at improving safety for all road users by reducing red light running at intersections,” according to the city of Toronto’s website. Currently there are 87 cameras that are rotated among 114 intersections. Motorists do not know which intersections have the active cameras and which have no camera. The province of Ontario increased the fine for red-light running from $180 to $325 in January, 2010. The government...
Hamilton Radar

New Milton town councillor seeking return of photo-radar

InsideHalton.com Speed demons beware. One Milton councilor-elect is rallying behind the proposed re-introduction of photo-radar in Ontario. “My platform called for photo-radar in Milton. And I believe I was handily elected because of this,” said Tony Lambert, who as of this Monday will represent the residents of Wards 1,6,7,8 as regional councillor. “When I went door-to-door, to 20,000 houses, over and over I heard how much this is a great idea and how this should be looked at by the Province.” Lambert’s wish came true recently when Liberal MPP David Caplan introduced a private members’ bill to allow photo-radar. The technology takes pictures of speeding...

Caplan introduces bill to improve safety in construction areas

InsideToronto.com Noting the need for increased safety on roadways, Don Valley East MPP David Caplan introduced a Private Member's Bill into the Ontario Legislature Monday, Nov. 22 calling for the use of safety cameras in construction and community safety zones. The bill, which passed first reading, also calls for an exemption from the demerit point system for persons who are convicted of an offence based on safety camera evidence. In addition, the bill states a highway or a part of a highway may be designated as a community safety zone if the highway adjoins or is adjacent to land on which a school, schoolyard, daycare, seniors' residence, community centre or playground is located....
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Canada’s National Research Council tests BombCam

Canada's National Research Council (NRC) recently included the BombCam in a series of trials that included proximity to an explosion. IEG staffers in attendance were proud to report that the system remained operational after the blast. Download the BombCam PDF Brochure Highlights - An Industry Ready to Explode http://www.nrc-cnrc.gc.ca/eng/news/nrc/2007/06/07/security-robot.html June 7, 2007 — Ottawa, Ontario A recent NRC test involving a laptop, a bomb and a Boeing 727 gave several Canadian companies the chance to strut their stuff. The companies design technologies to help manage disasters and high-risk security situations – everything from bomb-sniffing robots to a ...