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Road Safety Solutions

From the early 1990’s IEG has been developing complete solutions for road traffic safety around the world.

It’s COPS2000 back-office systems have been enabling government agencies and police services to decrease the incidence of accidents and enforce traffic laws with state-of-the-art evidence gathering and reporting solutions.

IEG’s partnerships reflect the core of its traffic safety and security mission: To increase safety by using world-class detection equipment and combining it with robust, secure and flexible back-office systems.

From automatic speed and red light enforcement, through to work and school zone safety systems, IEG continues to innovate and develop its safety portfolio. Recently, the company introduced mobile, hand held ALPR (auto license plate recognition) solutions, school bus passing detection systems and parking management and security solutions.

As traffic safety and security increases as a concern, IEG stands ready to help!


The core of your road safety and enforcement system.
Designed in partnership with government agencies and police forces around the world, COPS2000 is a complete road safety management solution enabling secure processing of infraction data while ensuring unprecedented levels of accuracy and evidence integrity… [learn more]


ALPR, Parking and Vehicle Security Systems Redefined.
The Secur-e-Park range of products cover a wide range of applications by employing IEG’s unique automatic vehicle identification and surveillance technologies. From mobile, hand-held, ALPR (auto license/number plate recognition) systems through to portable vehicle undercarriage inspection solutions. The Secur-e-Park Prowler and EyeCam are the latest additions to the range…

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Photo Radar

Unique tracking radar technologies for road safety.

IEG is very pleased to include the Swedish company, Sensys Traffic among its Global Network of hardware providers with their RS240 family of radar-based traffic monitoring solutions. The RS240?s patented tracking technology (FCC approved) puts the detector in a class of its own for accuracy and reliability. Here are some of the applications where the RS240 prevents accidents and saves lives:

  • Speed Enforcement (Fixed or Mobile)
  • Red Light Systems
  • Work Zone Safety
  • School Zone Monitoring and Alarms
  • Crosswalk Safety

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