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Computerized Offense Processing System

IEG has been delivering road safety systems since 1991. Our solutions provide the framework for speeding, red light passing, parking and other traffic infractions in a wide range of international jurisdictions.

COPS2000 was designed in partnership with government, local authorities, traffic experts and police forces. It enables the link between the capture of traffic offenses and the issue of violation warnings or penalties to be complete, secure and exceed the needs of the most stringent legal requirements.

The system is modular, meaning that it can be easily adapted to local needs or to handle very high volumes of infraction data, from a small township through to an metropolitan centre.

COPS2000 integrates easily too. The architecture of the system permits usage with existing detection equipment, whether it be photo-radar, LIDAR, laser or loop technology. It’s also designed to easily, and securely, integrate with existing vehicle databases, whether they be ownership records, vehicles of interest or temporary amber alerts.

Where photographic evidence is required, COPS2000 can accept data from wet film or digital cameras seamlessly. It can include ALPR/ANPR options to automate the infraction processing steps and can be customized easily to meet all legal requirements when evidence packages are finally assembled.

Security is a keystone of the system. IEG is fully aware of the legal requirements for data integrity and exchange. We also offer fully secure, hosted services to ensure system operation in the event of a local power failure or emergency.

COPS2000: The proven back-office system for road safety and enforcement!

Features Summary

  • Speed Infraction/Red Light Offense Processing
  • Automated Image Acquisition
  • Integrated Image Library Management
  • Enhanced System Security
  • Flexible Reporting Options
  • Vehicle Registration Verification
  • Support for Industry-Standard Databases
  • Optional ANPR/LPR
  • Web Offense Payment Application Interface
  • Data Warehouse Support
  • Intranet and Internet Enabled


Operating System: Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7
Software: SQL 2008.
Supports Microsoft Office suite of products.

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