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Photo Radar

Tracking Radar with Diverse Applications

IEG is pleased to offer Sensys Traffic’s photo-radar hardware solutions to its road safety and security customers!

After more than a decade of design, development and production experience, IEG sought out a partner with world-class technology and experience. In Sensys, we know we’ve found a company with a product range that embodies our own core values: innovation, integrity and engineering excellence.

At the heart of our photo radar offerings is the Sensys RS240-LD Doppler radar (FCC approved). It can be used for red light, speed enforcement and traffic analysis with a single system, completely non-intrusively and with minimal installation overhead.

Its unique tracking capabilities allow the core sensor to follow all vehicles in the measurement area, thereby ignoring reflections and other undesired signals that commonly affect competitive radar products.

You are invited to explore the wide range of applications by clicking any of the examples listed on the right of this page. Whether fixed or mobile, work or school zone, red light or speed enforcement we are able to meet your unique safety challenges.

Photo Radar Product Line