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Road Work Safety

Warn road workers and drivers of potential danger

A road work area is an environment with two conflicting situations: On the one hand there is the driver who enters a stretch of road where he must significantly reduce speed, and on the other hand, several workers operating in a noisy, stationery setting, surrounded by machinery, tools and sometimes lane barriers.

The Sensys Road Work Area Safety System (RWASS) warns drivers for excessive speeding, alerts road workers of potentially dangerous situations and enforces the law should the speeding driver not adapt to the applicable speed limit.

Depending on the work being carried out, smoke and dust may obscure the view of both workers and passing drivers. A workplace may perhaps not be occupied by workers throughout the day, which may lead to drivers neglecting the applicable speed limit. Although this may be tolerated during off-hours, it will definitely create a dangerous situation should work be in progress.

The RWASS combines speed warnings to both drivers and workers and can even be used to issue infractions where desired.

Features Summary

  • High-resolution digital images
  • Continuous speed verification by applying two independent methods
  • Number plate and/or driver identification
  • Provides information about time, date, location, vehicle speed, speed limit
  • Supports front or rear photography, or both simultaneously
  • Non-intrusive technology, no devices buried in the road surface
  • Uses Sensys’ unique multi-tracking radar
  • Tracks and measures each vehicle more than 20 times per second
  • Triggers at an adjustable speed limit and report line

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