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Speed Enforcement (Mobile)

No reduction in quality or confidence with the Sensys MSSS

As with fixed monitoring systems, mobile speed enforcement systems make a positive contribution to road safety. The Sensys Mobile Speed Safety System (MSSS) is very compact and versatile.

Setting up the system takes just a couple of minutes!

The MSSS is based on Sensys’ multi-tracking radar. This widebeam radar unit, capable of tracking multiple vehicles simultaneously, uses a lobe that oversees several lanes up to 150 meters deep. Vehicles moving within that cone are tracked and their movements analyzed. Speed is determined through Doppler and checked by distance over time. At the defined report line a picture is taken should there be a speed violation.

The system is pre-configured. If required, a customized configuration may be made on site via a hand held computer (PDA). Further to a speed-check session by the roadside, the data may be transferred to a memory stick or laptop for further processing by a back office system.

The Sensys MSSS is a true point-and-shoot device and can function unattended. Its operational time span is only limited by battery capacity.

Features Summary

  • High-resolution digital images
  • Continuous speed verification by applying two independent methods
  • Number plate and/or driver identification
  • Provides information about time, date, location, vehicle speed, speed limit
  • Supports front or rear photography, or both simultaneously
  • Non-intrusive technology, no devices buried in the road surface
  • Uses Sensys’ unique multi-tracking radar
  • Tracks and measures each vehicle more than 20 times per second
  • Triggers at an adjustable speed limit and report line

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