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Vehicle Identification

Warn road workers and drivers of potential danger

World wide there is a growing demand for identifying vehicles based on their license plates for various applications. The Vehicle Identification System (VIS) has been developed to be flexible and adjustable to your needs:

Vehicles of Interest

The system is either online, connected to a database that has information about stolen vehicles, vehicles that are prohibited to be used in traffic, vehicles with unpaid fines and so on, or the system downloads the data about wanted vehicles to a local storage device. The wanted vehicle system can be either installed on a fixed location or be used as a mobile, in-car, system.

Restricted Area

A local or remote database includes the information about which vehicles are allowed in the area. If an unwanted vehicle is detected the system will notify a control centre. This system can also be connected to a lane way to control an access barrier.

Bus Lanes

In specified Bus lanes only a vehicle with permission can be used. The system will detect all vehicles in the specified land and compare those with a local and/or remote database. Vehicles that are detected without permission will be registered and all data about the vehicle will be sent to a control centre.

The Vehicle Identification System may be used in a wide range of applications, as well as for both single and multiples lanes.

Additional cameras can be added to identify vehicle drivers. The Sensys Vehicle Identification System can also be customized to your needs. In addition to Wanted Vehicle, Restricted Area and Bus Lane, further applications could include Travel Time Information System, Boarder Control and Congestion Charging.

Features Summary

  • Automatic License Plate Recognition
  • Remote secure communications and setup
  • Mobile or fixed installations
  • Local or online database with vehicle of interest data
  • Alarm provides information about time, location and vehicle
  • I/O ports for barrier gate control

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