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Solutions for Vehicle Safety, Security and Surveillance

IEG’s Secur-e-Park solutions leverage the company’s long history in the road safety and security arena.

Since 1991, IEG has developed the most innovative and effective products for managing and monitoring vehicle access, parking and inventories available.

Many of the systems employ IEG’s unique ALPR/ANPR (automatic license plate recognition) technology, affording users a guarantee of high performance, ultra-high accuracy and real-time data capture and comparison.

The Secur-e-Park solutions are modular and can be deployed in fixed or mobile (hand held or in-vehicle) environments.

Whether you are operating a parking facility, need to monitor or analyze traffic, or need a real time link between license plate capture and”vehicle of interest” databases, the Secur-e-Park range can meet your needs.

Secur-ePark Product Line

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