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Complete Vehicle ID & Undercarriage Inspection System

The Secur-e-Park BombCam meets the need to effectively inspect vehicles for explosives or contraband.

BombCam takes you from traditional security using hand held mirrors to a digital scanning process. Speeding and simplifying the critical inspection process, BombCam allows personnel to perform their functions remotely, thereby dramatically reducing risk.

Using a complement of digital video cameras installed in a rugged speed bump housing, BombCam can capture high quality video of vehicles in motion and store the sequence for detailed review.

The system includes IEG’s ultra-high accuracy ALPR (Automatic License Plate Recognition) technology allowing license plate data to be captured and compared with existing databases or temporary alert listings.

Stored entries remain accessible at any time and can be retrieved by date, time or license plate. The lightweight, rugged (see “News” story above) system has no moving parts, requires minimal maintenance and operates under challenging environmental conditions.

Features Summary

  • Eliminate manual, mirror-based inspections
  • Visual undercarriage inspection six video cameras
  • Automated license plate detection and recognition for vehicles
  • Functions in darkness (with built-in infrared)
  • Remote operation at a safe distance
  • Creates undercarriage “fingerprint”
  • Simultaneous front and rear views
  • Deployed and operation in 15 minutes
  • Fixed or temporary installation options

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