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Fixed or Mobile: A Speed Bump with Embedded, ALPR & Video

Secur-e-Park EyeCam is an innovative vehicle monitoring solution embedded in a transportable speed bump design.

The system incorporates video cameras and IEG’s ultra-high accuracy ALPR system (Automatic License Plate Recognition) into a rugged, yet transportable, speed bump enclosure.

Perfect for residential areas, parking lots, secure entryways, toll plazas and gated communities, the EyeCam uses sophisticated image analytics to detect, identify and record license plates from moving vehicles and matches its data to yours for any type of custom alert.

The speed bump enclosure can be permanently installed or affixed temporarily without the need for intrusive hardware using a unique compound.

As vehicles pass over the speed bump the images captured can be compared with existing databases of vehicles of interest. Applications are almost unlimited from recognizing frequent visitors through to amber alert data and inventory control.

Features Summary

  • Rugged Speed Bump manufactured from recycled materials
  • Fixed or Temporary Installation
  • ALPR reads reflective and non-reflective plates
  • Date/Time embedded with images
  • Full reporting capabilities
  • “Cat’s Eyes” reflectors
  • Multi-camera option (for front and rear photography and plate recognition)
  • Optional video analytics for identifying special markings, logos or vehicle types
  • Can integrate with barrier systems
  • Simple integration with existing databases

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