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Secur-e-Park Prowler: Truly mobile ALPR

The Secur-e-Park Prowler is the unique solution for those who need to add true mobility to automatic license plate recognition systems.

A powerful flashlight, high-resolution digital camera and wireless transceiver combined in a tough, ergonomic, lightweight casing that allows an operator to capture, compare and store with a single click!

Configured with IEG’s automatic license plate recognition (ALPR) software, the Secur-e-Park Prowler becomes a fully featured, mobile ALPR with all the benefits of rapid scanning, comparisons and results in real time.

The Secur-e-Park Prowler is perfect for environments in which fixed, permanently mounted systems are unfeasible or cost prohibitive.

You may need mobility to conduct temporary verifications and validation (for extending parking provisioning in times of peak usage), or to trigger custom alerts against a specific range of vehicles (e.g. amber alerts or infraction databases), or to conduct rapid, accurate inventories.

The Secur-e-Park Prowler closes the loop on license plate recognition!

Features Summary

  • Industry leading ALPR accuracy,
  • Real-time capture and comparison,
  • Up to 1,000 feet roaming area,
  • Lightweight flashlight design,
  • Optional visible and audible alarms,
  • Integrated recharging clip,
  • Simple database integration,
  • Customizable alerts,
  • Low light capability,
  • Weatherproof workstation,
  • Vehicle 12V recharging,
  • Optional battery pack (vehicles).

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