IEG and Gunnebo partner to deliver Self-Service Contactless eGates for Lounges

IEG and Gunnebo are working together to implement contactless solutions for VIP Lounges as part of their 2021 re-opening strategy. The gates are inaugurated for VIP Lounges here in Canada. Airports have been struggling with finding the right solutions for their passengers, and how to make them feel secure and comfortable, at minimal cost. With eGates integration, entries can now be fast-tracked while providing an overall hygienic and secure lounge access experience during the customers travel journey. 

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How to use Blockchain to improve passenger experience?

Blockchain is a fascinating, modern and impactful technology that we started hearing about in the recent years. What is it? People usually associate blockchain technology with cryptocurrencies like bitcoin, that provide a way of transferring money anonymously without an intermediary. At its core, blockchain is a ledger that securely records transactions across a network of participants (a decentralized database).

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Biometrics & Beyond

“Biometrics” is a term we keep on hearing – trendy and intriguing, we don’t know exactly what it is. Let’s discover this fascinating technology, which might seem intimidating at first, but it will definitely become a norm moving forward in the next few years. IEG strives to lead the industry with its custom software development for VIP lounges that will integrate with Biometric tech.

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