New Lounge Shower Solution

Introducing the New Shower App. Adds Control to Your VIP Lounge Services and Reduces Queues for A Better Passenger Experience.

Shower App is a multi-platform staff facing application. It is designed to help manage your shower space within the lounge, especially during peak hours.

It is a fully touch-based application, available on Android, iPad/iPhone and windows pc.

When developing solutions, IEG looks to solve common business problems. We noticed lounge showers experience the following sources of frustration, which inspired Shower App.

  • Long inefficient lineups
  • Lost keys or NFC cards
  • Mistakes in queueing and shower assignment
  • Confusion in both staff-passenger communication and staff-staff communication
  • Certain showers not being used, even during peak hours
  • Lack of statistics

Shower App will suit your business needs for the following reasons:

  1. Increases your operational efficiency
  2. Provides valuable statistics and reporting
  3. Reduces your long-term costs

Shower App achieves this by…

  • Reducing lineups and queues for showers
  • Providing a streamlined user experience for agents
  • Giving a sense of organization to passengers
  • Enhancing communication between front-desk agents and cleaning/ maintenance staff
  • Reducing turn-around time for cleaning
  • Ridding confusion with physical keys
  • By easily assigning passengers to showers based on last-hour AIMS entries
  • Managing passengers in the queue, including ability to delete or change priority
  • Allowing user to set shower to 1 of 6 shower “States”
  • Giving you a virtual overview of your shower space, including status of every passenger using it

Promotes efficiency by integrating with the latest Smart (IoT) technology

Quickly assign a randomized pin-code to a passenger – for each shower

In summary, Shower App improves lounge operations and benefits your business by…

  1. Increasing your operational efficiency

2. Providing valuable statistics and reporting

3. Reducing your long-term costs

As explained, this is achieved through use of IoT technology, intuitive UI, improved staff communication, and accurate statistics for operational planning.