Biometrics & Beyond

“Biometrics” is a term we keep on hearing – trendy and intriguing, we don’t know exactly what it is. Let’s discover this fascinating technology, which might seem intimidating at first, but it will definitely become a norm moving forward in the next few years. IEG strives to lead the industry with its custom software development for VIP lounges that will integrate with Biometric tech.

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IEG delivers on Meet & Greet mobile app for Airlines and Airports

In our increasingly digital world, Swiss International Air Lines (SWISS) opts to take care of its customers with a personalized service culture. A prime example of this ideology is their exclusive SWISS First Welcome Service upon which IEG has successfully contributed a facilitative tablet and mobile service system to enable the services’ full potential.

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Copa Airlines & IEG Inc.

Taking the strain out of managing VIP Lounges is where IEG Inc. excels.

Following our initial 3-year business relationship, Copa Airlines renews it commitment with IEG through 2021.

IEG’s solutions for VIP lounges will grow in scope across Copa’s current installations in Panama City as well as Colombia, Dominican Republic, Guatemala and Costa Rica. The new VIP lounge scheduled to open in Bogota in early August 2018 will be the next addition to our growing COPA network. We are thrilled that COPA airlines entrust IEG Inc. with its business. This commitment works towards IEG’s goals in Latin America where we currently support Client operations in Argentina and Brazil.

IEG strives to deliver its Clients a superior Customer Experience.

Here Are Lounge Perks Travellers Value Most.

The day you have been waiting for has arrived. You have prepared everything, from printing your travelling tickets to checking twice if you close all the water taps around your house. Now, you are worrying you might have missed something. As you depart on this travel journey, all you wish is for relaxation, that is why you have access to this exclusive airport lounges. Here are top 10 best lounge perks that you can take advantage of.

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New Demographic Market in Airports, Is the World Ready?

The number of air passengers will increase greatly in the next few years and create undue demand on airports. Are the airlines/airports all over the world ready for THIS new target market segment?

China is expected to become the largest aviation market by 2022 according to IATA. The Chinese, Indian and Indonesian markets combined will contribute to a 1.5 billion increase in the number of passengers by 2036. The business focus will undoubtedly shift towards this vast Asian market as a result of its rapid pace of growth.

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What Do Passengers REALLY Want?

What Do Passengers REALLY Want?

Millennials love travelling and now it is more accessible than in the past years. According to IATA reports, it is forecasted that the number of air passengers will double over the next 20 years, creating undue demands on airports. Airports and their suppliers must be quick on their delivery towards increasing Personalized Customer Experience. Airports are continuously more overcrowded hence the need for a haven of peace and tranquillity.

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IEG Protects Your Personal Data

Discussion around General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) started years ago and effective May 25, 2018, is when enforcement starts. With less than two months to go, many firms are not aware of the rules and severe penalties associated with non-compliance. Simply stated, any organization collecting, and processing data of EU citizens must be fully compliant. Irrespective whether you operate within or out of the EU.

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