Biometrics & Beyond

“Biometrics” is a term we keep on hearing – trendy and intriguing, we don’t know exactly what it is. Let’s discover this fascinating technology, which might seem intimidating at first, but it will definitely become a norm moving forward in the next few years. IEG strives to lead the industry with its custom software development for VIP lounges that will integrate with Biometric tech.

The implementation of the tech in air travel and airports, from iris scans to facial recognition, has gone from a thing in sci-fi movies to reality, transforming the travel journey as we know it. In the last years, many have successfully proved the potential of Biometrics from British Airways at Heathrow, Orlando, Los Angeles and DeltaAirline’s first biometric terminal at the Atlanta Airport.

Jason Hausner, Director of Passenger Facilitation Security at Delta Airlines, mentioned that

Technology is an important part of Delta’s multi-year journey to improve the customer experience and create a hassle-free journey. This tech will benefit the airlines because they can save time and money from a human resource perspective. “It’s important to remember that our employees are our greatest competitive advantage. By reducing manual transactions, employees can spend more time interacting with customers and delivering the exceptional service for which they are known.”

IEG also sees this as a great opportunity to improve the boarding experience for both airport lounge customers and working agents. The facial recognition gates are able to board almost 240 passengers in 10 minutes. With this saved time, the airport staff will definitely benefit from this by having more available time to provide support to the valuable guests. On the other hand, as with any new technology, people are scared of any possible negative concerns such as privacy issues, security threats, hackers, personal data theft and fraud.

Biometrics were created for responsible use – authentication of travellers and for a significant security enhancement at the airport. Our Partner United Airlines recently jumped on this opportunity by partnering with CLEAR, a biometric firm.

CLEAR is transforming the way consumers experience the world by converting the cards in their wallets into a single biometric ID. After a fast, one-time registration, CLEAR members enjoy the benefits of easier, more predictable experiences at more than 60 airports. Reducing the overall amount of time customers spend at the airport security checkpoint by automating the document check portion of the TSA process. Members verify their identity with their fingers or with their faces in dedicated lanes, enabling them to reach physical screening more quickly at airports across the country. United and CLEAR declared.

Our shared focus on the customer experience will enable us to reduce friction at every touchpoint and help travellers enjoy more of what they love.”

IEG strives to become a key player in this industry by facilitating the digital transformation of airlines and airports around the globe by integrating biometric access into VIP lounges. Thus, shaping the seamless passenger experience of the future.

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