Unlocking the Potential: 7 Compelling Reasons to Elevate Your Airport Lounge Experience with AIMS

  1. Elevate Customer Experience to New Heights

AIMS is IEG’s top-performing system that seamlessly provides exceptional service by offering top-tier amenities to your guests. Instantly notify guests at the welcome desk about boarding times and gate information, ensuring they stay informed and empowered throughout their stay.

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  1. Optimize Space for a Refined Welcome

Bid farewell to bulky welcome desks and embrace a sleek, modern first-class lounge entrance with IEG’s desktop/mobile app paired with an elegant stand. Our aim is to enhance customer experiences from entry to boarding, efficiently managing passenger flow and minimizing crowded areas.

  1. Tackle Overcrowding Challenges Effectively

As airports face surges in passenger numbers, mitigate stress by implementing effective controls that prioritize genuine lounge users. IEG’s fraud detection system prevents unauthorized access, alleviating overcrowding concerns.

  1. Strategic Planning with Dwell Time Insights

Effortlessly calculate dwell times within your lounge to facilitate meticulous staff planning and support caterers in maintaining optimal food availability.

  1. Unlock Revenue Potential through Ancillary Services

Cater to passengers seeking relaxation with services like spas, hair salons, massages, and showers—both complimentary and fee-based. Additionally, offer extended lounge stays with hourly-pay options, providing flexibility for delayed or canceled flights.

  1. Real-Time Flight Departure Management

Efficiently manage partner billing during flight delays and seamlessly display flight information through Lounge FIDS, prioritizing updates for registered lounge guests.

  1. Invaluable Insights through Key Metrics

Gain comprehensive insights into key metrics, allowing for informed decision-making and strategic enhancements in lounge management and service delivery.

Experience the power of our innovative app and transform your airport lounge into a hub of unparalleled service and convenience for discerning travelers.

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