Welcome Finnair – A Stunning New Lounge in Helsinki

Finnair has announced the opening of a new, beautifully designed lounge at Helsinki Airport (HEL) and is proudly collaborating with IEG on this project. This state-of-the-art lounge, equipped with e-Gates built by Gunnebo and seamlessly operated using IEG’s latest AIMS technology, represents a significant advancement in passenger experience and comfort. While Finnair opens the lounge, IEG is the lounge management system provider, ensuring smooth operations and an enhanced customer experience.

A New Benchmark in Lounge Experience

The Finnair Lounge, which officially opened today on July 9th, 2024, is located on the Schengen side of Helsinki Airport near gate 21. This new space is accessible to Business Class Classic and Flex ticket holders and Finnair Plus Gold members. Finnair shared a video-guided tour of the new lounge setup on their social media accounts, giving passengers a glimpse of the luxurious experience that awaits them.

Design and Comfort

The lounge has been meticulously designed by Studio Joanna Laajisto to capture the serene essence of the Nordic landscape. Using wooden textures, soft forms, and warm colours, the space reflects the tranquillity of the Finnish environment. Furniture from renowned Nordic design brands, such as Artek, Nikari, and Gubi, adds a touch of local craftsmanship to the setting.

Enhanced Passenger Experience

The new lounge comfortably accommodates up to 440 guests, which is about 150 seats more than the previous lounge. Different spaces within the lounge are tailored to various needs, including dining, working, resting, and socializing with travel companions. For Finnair Plus Platinum and Platinum Lumo members, there is an exclusive Finnair Platinum Corner, providing a more private and luxurious experience.

Operational Excellence

IEG’s AIMS technology plays a crucial role in the smooth functioning of the lounge, handling everything from passenger processing to real-time monitoring of lounge occupancy. The integration of e-Gates by Gunnebo further enhances the efficiency of guest check-ins, making the entire process seamless and hassle-free.

Spectacular Views and More

In addition to its comfortable and stylish interiors, the new lounge offers spectacular views of the runway, adding an extra layer of enjoyment for travellers. Whether you are looking to relax, work, or simply enjoy a meal, the new Finnair Lounge at Helsinki Airport provides an unparalleled experience.

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new Schengen lounge, providing even more space and comfort before take-off. Responding to the feedback from Finnair Plus tier members, the lounge features an exclusive Finnair Platinum Corner for Finnair Plus Platinum and Platinum Lumo members to enjoy,” said Ole Orvér, Chief Commercial Officer at Finnair.

For those who do not hold Business Class Classic, Flex tickets, or Finnair Plus Gold membership, access to the lounge can be purchased as a travel extra during booking.

“With increased space, the new Finnair Lounge comfortably accommodates up to 440 guests, which is about 150 seats more than the current lounge. Different spaces within the lounge are tailored to various needs: dining, working, resting, and spending time with your travel companions,” said Meri Järvinen, Head of Airport Customer Experience.


The collaboration between Finnair and IEG has resulted in a lounge that sets a new standard in airport hospitality. With a perfect blend of modern technology, efficient management, and Nordic design, the new Finnair Lounge at Helsinki Airport is set to provide travellers with an exceptional experience.

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