How to create a seamless journey for customers using AIMS?

Today’s travelling marketplace respects no boundary. The customer can move to other providers and competitors can poach your clients with electronic ease. So how do you maintain a loyal customer base that will ensure your long-term success while enhancing passenger experience? IEG has more than ten years of experience in developing loyalty systems for the airline industry and will provide additional value to your customers.

IEG has evolved the tools that allow you to regain that feeling of personal customer experience while speeding up the process of allowing guests into your VIP lounge. Using self-serve kiosks and mobile tech lounge agents will be able to provide faster service to their customers who are looking for a relaxing moment in a lounge. A streamlined automated kiosk solution capable of delivering unparalleled passenger experience, and flexibility to airlines, and airports. Give your customers the tools they deserve for a truly unique airport lounge entry process.

What other solutions do IEG provide for your lounge needs?

Enabling Lounge access with self-validation:

All lounge operators are looking to appropriately resource their facilities in more flexible ways.

AIMS allows qualified guests entry to lounge facilities without agent validation. Using an ergonomic touch-screen, bar-code scanner or card reader, guests can easily submit their credentials and even enjoy additional services such as one-time guest access for members of their traveling group.

This aspect of the AIMS functionality, not only significantly reduces the human resource requirement for managing your lounges but can also dramatically widen the window of operations for the facility, allowing for unattended but highly secure access & usage monitoring.

Joining with your customers on their terms is the means to establish long-term relationships and revenues. IEG has the next generation of loyalty products delivered as “essential” customer relationship management (eCRM). Provide your customer with pertinent information at appropriate times and tailored to their interests, and you will have made them feel special. It is one thing to know that your customer just flew from Tokyo to London, but it is equally important to know about the connecting flight to Lisbon, that she was just promoted to executive vice president and that the trip to Lisbon means she will miss her son’s birthday.

It is now possible to have such a detailed customer profile. You simply need to implement the appropriate TouchPoint Front Office Systems. Imagine the relationship that would result if you could propose to this client a special incentive offer that would unite her with her son on his birthday? That is what will make your company succeed and start turning relationships into profit.

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